Current Patients: Same Week Booking

Hello Current NNM Patients

Please give us your 😎 most generous time window 😎 when using our same week booking system. We also have the option of booking ahead if you prefer. This system is not meant for narrow time windows, we will book ahead if your schedule is limited. Be flexible and we will do our best to extend the day as needed.

If you wish to come Wednesday or Thursday: Submit Monday evening or Tuesday before 10 AM, we will get back to you by 5 PM Tuesday

If you wish to come Saturday: Submit on Wednesday evening or Thursday before 10 AM, we will get back to you by 5 PM Thursday

No worries, we will find you a time

No worries, we will find you a time

Please note:

1) Multiple submissions are permitted if you make an error or need to update your request. Please keep us in the loop as your plans unfold, if something comes up please submit the form again before we assign you a time. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. We will not book you for what you asked for and cancel your visit.

2) Please consider your reply a firm commitment. If you reply, please expect to be booked within your window. If we cannot accommodate your request we will reach out by email to ask you to broaden your request. We may not wait for your updated availability before booking other patients, further limiting our open appointments, so please be generous with your time request in your first reply.

3) You can be certain your submission has been received if:

I. You see a thumbs up after pressing β€œSubmit”

II. You receive an appointment (by email and text) no later than the corresponding times listed above

4) We have vetted this system to make sure that it works! If you have any issues please do your best to try another browser, another computer, etcetera, before concluding there is an irreconcilable hiccup with the system. We are grateful for your effort and 😎 happy to help 😎 if necessary.