Neighborhood Natural Medicine - Joseph Giacona
Does one or more of the following apply to you?

You either have some rather simple health complaints or more complex, undiagnosed health issues that need attention and you would like to address them 100% naturally.

You have a diagnosis from your medical doctor, yet have not been able to find relief through conventional methods, and are still suffering.

You’ve been to multiple doctors, clinics and holistic practitioners having endured a battery of tests, have a large folder of inconclusive paper work to show for it, spent thousands of dollars in the process and yet are still suffering from pain or failing health.

ou are experiencing a host of unwanted poor health issues and during your last doctors visit you received a perfect or near perfect blood test and you are unsure what to do next.

Your doctor told you that taking pharmaceutical medication is your only option and you know or are hoping there must be a better, more natural, drug-free method to restore your health.

You have implemented a number of dietary changes, removing gluten, soy etc. from your diet and you are still suffering.

You have never been to medical practice where natural methods are used,
and for you this is a "last resort" because nothing else seems to be helping.

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