Remedy Order Form

For Our Current and Former Patients

Dear NNM Patients, 

Welcome to our shipment request form! This option is available to patients who have already seen Doctor Joseph. Should you have any questions at all, we are always available through email to help with anything at all. 

We are happy to ship remedies for 8-11 dollars by FedEx ground, depending on weight and distance. We send confirmation that we received your request within 24 hours, excluding Sunday. Please follow up by email if you fail to hear from us within 24 hours.

If your order is urgent please send an email with title ***SHIPMENT*** so we can move forward with expedited shipping for 25 dollars to the New York City Area.

Simply follow the outline below:

  1. Please indicate the name and quantity of what you need shipped.

  2. Please supply your shipping address line by line. We will simply copy and paste it exactly as it has been written.

We do not keep addresses or credit cards on file, taking care of remote payment is easy. I will email you an invoice once the shipment goes out, simply type in your credit card information through our secure payment system. 

We are only in the office on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and cannot send items on other days. There is no FedEx ground on Saturday, so shipments not sent on Thursday will not leave the shipping facility until Monday (since we are not in the office on Friday). 

You are welcome to stop by to pick up remedies to avoid shipping costs. We are open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9 AM until 1:20 PM, and from 3 PM until 6:30 PM. We are closed from 1:20 PM until 3 PM each day we are in the office.

If you need anything we are always accessible by email, and always happy to help! 🌷

Remedy Order Form

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Please write your shipping address line by line. We will simply copy and paste it exactly as it has been written.
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