A message from Delaney:

Hello all! I am so delighted to be welcomed as a part of NNM. My journey here actually began two years ago, when I came to Joseph as a patient in desperate need of help. With eight years of chronic Lyme under my belt, I had yet to find a doctor or treatment protocol to help me, and my body was in steady decline. Joseph opened his arms to me, and as the wonderful, wise, compassionate, and incredible healer he is, was able to not only restore my health, but ultimately give my life and spirit back to me. I am forever grateful for this precious irreplaceable gift and am so excited to be given the opportunity to give back to the practice that changed my life.

As the Patient Services Coordinator, I am here for you; and I understand what it is like to be an apprehensive first time patient. Please contact me with any and all questions and concerns.

I look forward to meeting all of you, enjoy your day!